Jamie McMurray gets ready for practice. (AP Photo/NKP, Barry Cantrell) 

DOVER, Del -- Jamie McMurray wrecked his car and took a hike.

McMurray was banged up following a violent wreck at Talladega where he flipped several times across the track. He felt sore but was otherwise fine - and healthy enough to hit the trail at Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina.

He said he climbed about 8,000 feet and finished with a 60-mile bike ride.



McMurray did it all without a scratch - he was amazed at how he escaped unscathed thanks to the advances in car safety.

"It's crazy to have a wreck that it that spectacular to watch and that many flips and tumbles and I really didn’t even have a bruise on my body," he said. "I got to look at the car on Monday and it is amazing how much the roll cage was smashed in, but then how everything around me was still perfect.  I actually got our whole fab shop and the guys together on Tuesday when I was at the shop to thank everyone."