Megan Keller, a member of the gold medal-winning American women’s hockey team, wanted to make sure she didn't follow in the footsteps of a General Motors executive who crashed the pace car prior to an IndyCar race in Detroit.

Before driving the pace car at Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan, she told reporters she put in practice to avoid following in the GM exec’s footsteps.

“I did see that,” Keller said. “I think I should be OK. I’ve had some practice. We’ll see how that goes. I know the parents are nervous for everything. I don’t know if they were more nervous during my gold medal game or for this.”

Keller said it was her first experience attending a NASCAR race and that she was able to do a practice run before actually leading a 39-car field to the start-finish line.

“I got to let loose a little bit,” she said. “I only went up to 100 (mph). My parents were in the crowd.”

The second IndyCar race in Detroit was delayed last week when the Corvette pace car driven by GM executive Mark Reuss spun and struck a portion of the wall of the Raceway on Belle Isle.