(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

You won’t have a hard time spotting Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the NASCAR All-Star race on Saturday night.

The No. 88 Chevy received a new bright yellow and orange paint job as part of the team's sponsorship agreement with Maaco, North America’s No. 1 body shop. Maaco is making its NASCAR debut this weekend as part of a joint promotion with paint partner Axalta Coating Systems.

The Maaco logo will be featured prominently on the car on the distinctive Axalta paint scheme.

Earnhardt said during in an unveiling ceremony on Thursday at Charlotte Motor Speedway that he had a hand in the car's design.

“It would be incredible to win,” Earnhardt said. “We are looking for any kind of success we can have this year. We want to get a victory or two and to get one in the All-Star race on our way out would be great, especially with a special partner like Maaco on board for that race. This is a great looking car and I couldn’t imagine it looking any better except if it were in victory lane.”

This will be Earnhardt’s final All-Star race. He won the race as a rookie in 2000, but has been shutout since.

He plans to retire after this season.