Asian water polo championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, from Feb. 12-16 canceled.

Diving Grand Prix in Madrid from Feb. 14-16: China team withdrew.

Diving World Series in Beijing from March 7-9 canceled.

Men’s Water Polo World League from March 12 postponed.

Women’s Water Polo World League from March 12 postponed.

Women’s Olympic water polo qualifying tournament in Trieste, Italy from March 8-15 postponed to May 17-24.

Italy Olympic trials in Riccione from March 17-21 canceled.

Diving World Series in Kazan, Russia on March 20-22 postponed.

Men’s Olympic water polo qualifying tournament in Rotterdam, Netherlands from March 22-29 postponed to May 31–June 7 postponed.

South America championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 25-29 canceled.

Artistic World Series in Hurghada, Egypt on March 27 postponed.

Diving World Series in London from March 27-29 canceled.

Nordic Tour: Bergen Festival in Norway from March 28-30 canceled.

China Olympic trials in Qingdao from March 28-April 4 postponed to May 10-16.

Canada Olympic trials in Toronto from March 30-April 5 postponed to April 7-11, 2011.

Ireland Olympic trials in Dublin from April 1-5 postponed.

Japan Olympic trials in Tokyo from April 2-7, no spectators.

Artistic World Series in Budapest, Hungary on April 9 postponed.

European Swim Cup II in Eindhoven, Netherlands from April 9-12 canceled.

British Olympic trials in London from April 14-19 canceled.

Artistic World Series in Kazan, Russia on April 17 postponed.

African championships in Durban, South Africa from April 17-22 postponed.

Australia championships in Perth from April 17-21 canceled.

Diving World Cup in Tokyo from April 21-26 postponed to Feb. 23-28, 2021.

Olympic artistic qualifier in Tokyo from April 30-May 3 postponed to March 4-7, 2021.

European championships in Budapest, Hungary from May 11-24 postponed to Aug. 17-30 postponed to May 10-23, 2021.

Diving Grand Prix in Windsor, Canada on May 14 postponed.

Artistic World Series in Madrid on May 29 canceled.

Diving Grand Prix in Singapore from May 29-31 canceled.

Olympic marathon swim qualifier in Fukuoka, Japan from May 30-31 postponed to May 29-30, 2021.

Diving Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from June 5-7 postponed.

Artistic World Series in Rochester, New York on June 12 canceled.

United States Olympic diving trials in Indianapolis from June 14-21 canceled.

Artistic World Series Final in Windsor, Canada on June 18 canceled.

United States Olympic trials in Omaha, Nebraska from June 21-28 postponed to June 13-20, 2021.

Diving Grand Prix in Cairo on June 17-20 postponed.

Asian championships in New Clark City, Philippines from Nov. 7-17 postponed to November 2021.

World short course championships in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from Dec. 15-20 postponed to Dec. 13-18, 2021.

World championships in Fukuoka, Japan from July 16-Aug. 1, 2021 postponed to May 13-29, 2022.

European short course championships in Kazan, Russia from Dec. 2-7, 2021 rescheduled to Nov. 2-7, 2021.


ISSF International Solidarity Championships in Dhaka, Bangladesh from Feb. 22-28 postponed.

Pan American Championships in Monterrey, Mexico from March 23-29 canceled.

Kahraman Bagatir Spring Arrows in Antalya, Turkey from April 1-5 canceled.

Oceania Championships in Fiji from April 5-9 canceled.

World Cup in Guatemala City from April 20-26 canceled.

Veronica’s Cup in Kamnik, Slovenia from April 24-26 canceled.

World Cup in Shanghai from May 4-10 canceled.

World Cup in Antalya, Turkey from May 11-17 suspended.

European Championships in Antalya, Turkey from May 20-26 suspended.

World ranking event in Medellin, Colombia from June 1-7 suspended.

Asia Cup in Gwangju, South Korea from June 7-12 suspended.

European Grand Prix in Porec, Croatia from June 9-13 suspended.

World Cup in Berlin from June 21-28 suspended.

World field championships in Yankton, South Dakota from Sept. 15-20 postponed to 2022.


World championships in Eugene, Oregon from Aug. 6-15, 2021 postponed to July 15-24, 2022.

World indoor championships in Nanjing from March 13-15 postponed to March 19-21, 2021.

World half marathon championships in Gdynia, Poland on March 29 postponed to Oct. 17.

World race walking team championships in Minsk, Belarus from May 2-3 canceled.

Hong Kong Marathon on Feb. 9 canceled.

Asian indoor championships in Hangzhou from Feb. 12-13 canceled.

Tokyo Marathon on March 1, restricted to elite runners.

Paris Half Marathon on March 1 postponed to Sept. 6.

Nagoya Women’s Marathon on March 8, restricted to elite runners.

Rome Half Marathon on March 8 canceled.

New Taipei City Marathon in Taiwan on March 15 canceled.

Suzhou Half Marathon in China on March 15 canceled.

Barcelona Marathon on March 15 postponed to Oct. 25.

New York Half Marathon on March 15 canceled.

Queensland Track Classic in Brisbane on March 20 postponed.

Australian championships in Sydney from March 21-29 canceled.

Seoul Marathon on March 22 canceled.

Chongqing International Marathon in China on March 22 canceled.

Wuxi Marathon in China on March 22 canceled.

Mersin Marathon in Turkey on March 22 postponed.

Athens Half Marathon in Greece on March 22 postponed to Sept. 20.

Lisbon Half Marathon on March 22 postponed to Sept. 6 canceled.

Race Walking Challenge in Taicang, China on March 28 canceled.

Prague Half Marathon on March 28 postponed to Sept. 6 canceled.

Rome Marathon on March 29 canceled.

Madrid Half Marathon on March 29 postponed.

Asian cross-country championships in Hong Kong on March 29 postponed.

Grenada International Invitational in St. George on April 4 postponed.

Race Walking Grand Prix in Rio Maior, Portugal on April 4 postponed.

Paris Marathon on April 5 postponed to Oct. 18.

Milan Marathon in Italy on April 5 postponed.

Daegu International Marathon in South Korea on April 5 canceled.

Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands on April 5 postponed.

Kyiv Half Marathon in Ukraine on April 5 canceled.

Berlin Half Marathon on April 5 canceled.

Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, South Africa on April 11 canceled.

Wuhan Marathon in China on April 12 canceled.

Pyongyang Marathon in North Korea on April 12 canceled.

Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon in China on April 12 postponed.

Gunsan International Marathon in South Korea on April 12 canceled.

Doha Diamond League in Qatar on April 17 postponed to Oct. 9.

Vienna City Marathon on April 19 canceled.

Hamburg Marathon on April 19 postponed to Sept. 13.

Enschede Marathon in the Netherlands on April 19 canceled.

Boston Marathon on April 20 postponed to Sept. 14 canceled.

Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa on April 24-25 postponed.

Multistars-Trofeo Zerneri Acciai in Lana, Italy on April 25-26 canceled.

London Marathon on April 26 postponed to Oct. 4.

Madrid Marathon on April 26 postponed to Nov. 15.

Hanover Marathon in Germany on April 26 canceled.

Dongying International Marathon in China on April 26 canceled.

Krakow Marathon in Poland on April 26 postponed.

Gifu Half Marathon in Japan on April 26 canceled.

Oda Memorial meeting in Hiroshima, Japan on April 29 canceled.

Shizuoka International meeting in Fukuroi, Japan on May 2 postponed.

Kipchoge Keino Classic in Nairobi, Kenya on May 2 postponed to Sept. 26.

Prague Marathon on May 3 postponed to Oct. 11 canceled.

Michitaka Kinami Memorial Meet in Osaka, Japan on May 6 postponed.

China Diamond League on May 9 postponed to Oct. 17.

Florida Invitational meeting in Miramar on May 9 canceled.

Golden Grand Prix in Tokyo on May 10 postponed.

Geneva Marathon on May 10 postponed.

Nanjing Meeting in China on May 13 postponed.

Shanghai Diamond League on May 16 postponed to Aug. 13 postponed to Sept. 19.

Riga Marathon in Latvia on May 17 postponed.

Copenhagen Marathon on May 17 canceled.

World 10K Bengaluru in India on May 17 postponed to Sept. 13 postponed to Nov. 22.

Cape Town 12 Onerun in South Africa on May 17 canceled.

Grande Premio Brasil Caixa in Belem, Brazil on May 17 postponed.

Ostrava Golden Spike in the Czech Republic on May 22 postponed to Sept. 8.

Okpekpe International 10K Road Race in Nigeria on May 23 canceled.

Warsaw Half Marathon on May 23 postponed.

Grande Caraibe meeting in Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe on May 23 postponed.

Stockholm Diamond League in Sweden on May 24 postponed to Aug. 23.

Edinburgh Marathon on May 24 postponed.

Ottawa Marathon in Canada on May 24 canceled.

Janusz Kusocinski Memorial in Chorzów, Poland on May 24 postponed to Aug. 25.

Gala dei Castelli in Bellinzona, Switzerland on May 25 postponed to Sept. 15.

Naples Diamond League (Golden Gala Pietro Mennea) on May 28 postponed to Sept. 17.

Jaen Paraiso Interior Meeting in Andujar, Spain on May 29 canceled.

Trond Mohn Games in Bergen, Norway on May 30 canceled.

Gran Premio Cantones in La Coruña, Spain on May 30 postponed.

Irena Szewinska Memorial in Bydgoszcz, Poland on May 30 postponed to Aug. 19.

Hypo Meeting in Götzis, Austria from May 30-31 canceled.

Dalian International Marathon in China on May 31 postponed.

Rabat Diamond League (Mohammed VI International) in Morocco on May 31 canceled.

Pfingstsportfest International in Rehlingen, Germany on May 31 postponed to Aug. 14 canceled.

Venizeleia in Chania, Greece on May 31 canceled.

FBK Games in Hengelo, Netherlands on June 1 canceled.

Joensuu Games in Finland on June 3 canceled.

Challenge Cup in Niigata, Japan on June 5 postponed.

Aliann Pompey Invitational in Georgetown, Guyana on June 6 postponed.

Eugene Diamond League (Prefontaine Classic) in Oregon on June 6-7 postponed to Oct. 4 canceled.

Josefa Odlozila Memorial in Prague on June 8 downgraded.

Paavo Nurmi Games in Turku, Finland on June 9 postponed to Aug. 11.

Iberoamericano Meeting in Huelva, Spain on June 10 canceled.

Oslo Diamond League (Bislett Games) on June 11 downgraded.

P-T-S Meeting in Šamorín, Slovakia on June 11 postponed.

Paris Diamond League on June 13 postponed to Sept. 6 canceled.

Racers Grand Prix in Kingston, Jamaica on June 13 canceled.

Georges Caillat Memorial in Geneva on June 13 canceled.

X Meeting Internacional Arona in Spain on June 13-14 canceled.

Comrades Marathon in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on June 14 postponed.

Sollentuna GP in Sweden on June 16 postponed to Aug. 10.

Kladno Hazi A Kladenske Memorialy in the Czech Republic on June 16 postponed to Sept. 16.

Madrid Meeting on June 19 canceled.

United States Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon from June 19-28 postponed to June 18-27, 2021.

Mehrkampf Meeting in Ra

tingen, Germany on June 20-21 canceled.

Qasanov Memorial in Almaty, Kazakhstan on June 20-21 postponed.

British championships in Manchester from June 20-21 postponed to Aug. 8-9.

Jilin City International Marathon in China on June 21 postponed.

10KM de Port-Gentil in Gabon on June 21 postponed.

Kuortane Games in Finland on June 21 postponed to Aug. 1.

African championships in Algiers, Algeria from June 24-28 postponed.

Copenhagen Athletics Games in Denmark on June 25 canceled.

Canadian Olympic trials in Montreal from June 25-28 postponed to June 24-27, 2021.

Great North 10K in Gateshead, England on June 28 canceled.

Liege International Meeting in Belgium on July 1 postponed.

Montreuil International Meeting in Paris on July 1 canceled.

Spitzen Leichtathletik in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 1 canceled.

Nacht van de Atletiek in Heusden, Belgium on July 4 postponed to Sept. 6.

Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4 postponed to Nov. 26.

London Diamond League (Anniversary Games) from July 4-5 canceled.

Gold Coast Marathon in Australia on July 5 canceled.

City of Padua Meeting in Italy on July 7 postponed to Sept. 12.

Sotteville International Meeting in France on July 8 postponed.

Monaco Diamond League (Herculis) on July 10 postponed to Aug. 14.

Durban 10K City Surf Run in South Africa on July 12 postponed.

Nelson Mandela Bay Half Marathon in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on July 25 postponed.

Liupanshui Marathon in China on July 25 postponed.

Bogota Half Marathon in Colombia on July 26 canceled.

Citius Meeting in Bern, Switzerland on Aug. 15 canceled.

Gateshead Diamond League (British Grand Prix) on Aug. 16 postponed to Sept. 12.

Rio Half Marathon in Brazil on Aug. 16 postponed to Jan. 24, 2021.

Friidrott GP in Gothenburg, Sweden on Aug. 19 postponed to Aug. 29.

Lausanne Diamond League (Athletissima) in Switzerland on Aug. 20 postponed to Sept. 2.

21K Buenos Aires on Aug. 23 canceled.

Liege Province International Meeting in Belgium on Aug. 23 postponed.

European championships in Paris from Aug. 25-30 canceled.

Bali Marathon in Indonesia on Aug. 30 canceled.

Mexico City Marathon on Aug. 30 canceled.

Stockholm Marathon in Sweden on Sept. 5 canceled.

Prague Grand Prix on Sept. 5 canceled.

Diamond League Final in Zurich from Sept. 9-11 canceled.

Copenhagen Half Marathon in Denmark on Sept., 12 canceled.

Tallinn Marathon and Half Marathon in Estonia on Sept. 12-13 canceled.

Great North Run in Newcastle, England on Sept. 13 canceled.

Decastar in Talence, France from Sept. 19-20 canceled.

Hengshui Lake International Marathon in China on Sept. 20 canceled.

Porto Half Marathon in Portugal on Sept. 20 canceled.

Buenos Aires Marathon in Argentina on Sept. 20 canceled.

Berlin Marathon on Sept. 27 canceled.

Cardiff Half Marathon on Oct. 4 canceled.

Chicago Marathon on Oct. 11 canceled.

Lisbon Marathon and Half Marathon in Portugal on Oct. 11 canceled.

Paris 20KM on Oct. 11 canceled.

Cape Town Marathon in South Africa on Oct. 18 canceled.

New York City Marathon on Nov. 1 canceled.

Beirut Marathon on Nov. 8 postponed.

Porto Marathon in Portugal on Nov. 8 canceled.

Kobe Marathon in Japan on Nov. 15 canceled.

Osaka Marathon in Japan on Nov. 29 canceled.


F1: Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 15 canceled.

F1: Bahrain Grand Prix in Sakhir on March 22 postponed.

F1: Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi on April 5 postponed.

F1: Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai on April 19 postponed.

F1: Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort on May 3 canceled.

F1: Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on May 10 postponed to Aug. 16, no spectators.

F1: Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo on May 24 canceled.

F1: Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku on June 7 canceled.

F1: Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on June 14 postponed.

F1: French Grand Prix in Le Castellet on June 28 canceled.

F1: Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg on July 5, no spectators.

F1: Styrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, Austria on July 12, no spectators.

F1: British Grand Prix in Silverstone on July 19 moved to Aug. 2, no spectators.

F1: Hungarian Grand Prix in Mogyoród on Aug. 2 moved to July 19, no spectators.

F1: Belgian Grand Prix in Francorchamps on Aug. 30, no spectators.

F1: Italian Grand Prix in Monza on Sept. 6, no spectators.

F1: Singapore Grand Prix on Sept. 20 canceled.

F1: Japanese Grand Prix in Inoucho on Oct. 11 canceled.

IndyCar: St. Petersburg Grand Prix in Florida on March 15 postponed to Oct. 25.

IndyCar: Alabama Grand Prix in Birmingham on April 5 canceled.

IndyCar: Long Beach Grand Prix in California on April 19 canceled.

IndyCar: Austin Challenge in Texas on April 26 canceled.

IndyCar: Indianapolis 500 on May 24 postponed to Aug. 23.

IndyCar: Detroit Grand Prix on May 30-31 canceled.

IndyCar: Texas 400 in Fort Worth on June 6, no spectators.

IndyCar: Road America in Wisconsin on June 21 postponed to July 11-12.

IndyCar: Indy Richmond 300 on June 27 in Virginia canceled.

IndyCar: Indianapolis GP on July 4, no spectators.

IndyCar: Indy Toronto on July 12 canceled.

IndyCar: Indy 200 in Lexington, Ohio on Aug. 16 rescheduled to Aug. 9.

IndyCar: St. Louis 500 on Aug. 22 rescheduled to Aug. 30.

WRC: Rally Mexico in León from March 12-15, shortened by one day.

WRC: Rally Argentina in Villa Carlos Paz from April 23-26 postponed.

WRC: Rally Portugal in Matosinhos from May 21-24 canceled.

WRC: Rally Italy in Sardinia from June 4-7 postponed.

WRC: Rally Kenya from July 16-19 canceled.

WRC: Rally Finland in Jyväskylä from Aug. 6-9 canceled.

WRC: Rally New Zealand in Auckland from Sept. 3-6 canceled.

WRC: Wales Rally GB from Oct. 29-Nov. 1 canceled.

12 Hours of Sebring in Florida on March 21-22 postponed to Nov. 11-14.

24 Hours of Le Mans in France on June 13-14 postponed to Sept. 19-20.

NASCAR: Atlanta 500 on March 15 canceled.

NASCAR: Miami 400 on March 22 canceled.

NASCAR: Texas 500 in Fort Worth on March 29 postponed.

NASCAR: Bristol 500 in Tennessee on April 5 postponed.

NASCAR: Richmond 400 in Virginia on April 19 canceled.

NASCAR: Talladega 500 in Alabama on April 26 postponed.

NASCAR: Dover Race in Delaware on May 3 postponed.

NASCAR: Martinsville 500 in Virginia on May 9 postponed.

NASCAR: Darlington 400 in South Carolina on May 17, no spectators.

NASCAR: Darlington 500 in South Carolina on May 21, no spectators.

NASCAR: Charlotte 600 in Concord, North Carolina on May 24, no spectators.

NASCAR: Charlotte 500 in Concord, North Carolina on May 28, no spectators.

NASCAR: Bristol 500 in Tennessee on May 31, no spectators.

NASCAR: Atlanta 500 on June 7, no spectators.

NASCAR: Martinsville 500 in Virginia on June 10, no spectators.

NASCAR: Sonoma 350 in California on June 14 canceled.

NASCAR: Homestead 400 in Florida on June 14, spectators allowed.

NASCAR: Chicagoland 400 in Joliet, Illinois on June 21 canceled.

NASCAR: Pocono 325 in Pennsylvania on June 27, no spectators.

NASCAR: Pocono 350 in Pennsylvania on June 28, no spectators.

NASCAR: Indianapolis 400 on July 5, no spectators.

NASCAR: Kentucky 400 in Sparta on July 12, no spectators.

NASCAR: All-Star Open on July 15 moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to Bristol, Tennessee.

NASCAR: Cup Race on Aug. 16 moved from Watkins Glen, New York to Daytona, Florida.


China Masters in Lingshui from Feb. 25-March 1 postponed to May 5-10 postponed to Aug. 25-30 canceled.

Asian team championships in Manila from Feb. 11-16: China and Hong Kong withdrew.

German Open in Mulheim from March 3-8 canceled.

Portuguese International Championships in Caldas da Rainha from March 5-8 postponed to Nov. 5-8.

Swiss Open in Basel from March 17-22 canceled.

North Harbour International in Auckland, New Zealand from March 19-22 canceled.

India Open in New Delhi from March 24-29 postponed to Dec. 8-13.

Orleans Masters in France from March 24-29 canceled.

Vietnam International Challenge in Hanoi postponed from March 24-29 to June 2-7 to Oct. 27-Nov. 1.

Waikato International in New Zealand from March 26-29 canceled.

Polish Open in Krakow from March 26-29 canceled.

Malaysia Open in Kuala Lumpur from March 31-April 5 postponed to Nov. 24-29.

Canadian International Challenge in Fort McMurray from March 31-April 5 canceled.

Osaka International Challenge in Moriguchi from April 1-5 canceled.

Finnish Open in Vantaa from April 2-5 canceled.

Singapore Open from April 7-12 canceled.

Dutch International in Wateringen from April 8-11 canceled.

Peru International in Lima from April 16-19 canceled.

Asia championships moved from Wuhan, China to Manila on April 21-26 canceled.

European championships in Kyiv, Ukraine from April 21-26 canceled.

Pan American individual championships in Lima, Peru from April 23-26 canceled.

New Zealand Open in Auckland from April 28-May 3 postponed to Oct. 20-25.

Denmark Challenge in Farum from May 7-10 canceled.

Slovenia International in Medvode from May 13-16 canceled.

Thomas and Uber Cup Finals in Aarhus, Denmark from May 16-24 postponed to Aug. 15-23 postponed to Oct. 3-11.

Mongolia International Challenge in Ulanbataar from May 26-31 canceled.

Latvia International in Jelgava from May 28-31 postponed to Aug. 27-30.

Australian Open in Sydney from June 2-7 canceled.

Vietnam International Challenge in Hanoi from June 2-7 canceled.

Lithuanian International in Panevezys from June 4-7 canceled.

Thailand Open in Bangkok from June 9-14 postponed to Dec. 1-6.

Indonesia Open in Jakarta from June 16-21 postponed to Nov. 17-22.

U.S. Open in Fullerton, California from June 23-28 canceled.

Canada Open in Calgary from June30-July 5 canceled.

Lagos International in Nigeria from July 1-4 suspended.

White Nights in Gatchina, Russia from July 1-5 suspended.

Russian Open in Vladivostok from July 7-12 canceled.

Azerbaijan International in Baku from July 16-19 canceled.

Hyderabad Open in India from Aug. 11-16 canceled.

Akita Masters in Japan from Aug. 18-23 canceled.

Vietnam Open in Da Nang from Aug. 25-30 canceled.

Indonesia Masters in Jakarta from Sept. 29-Oct. 4 canceled.

Dutch Open in Almere from Oct. 6-11 canceled.

Korea Masters in Gwangju from Nov. 24-29 canceled.

World Tour Finals in Guangzhou, China from Dec. 8-13 postponed to Dec. 16-20.

European mixed team championships in Vantaa, Finland from Feb. 17-21, 2021: England withdrew as host.

World championships in Huelva, Spain in August 2021 postponed to Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2021.


MLB: Preseason from March 12 canceled. Regular season due to start on March 26 postponed. St Louis vs. Chicago Cubs in London from June 13-14 canceled. All-Star Game in Los Angeles on July 14 canceled.

Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan: Preseason from Feb. 26-March 15, no spectators. Regular season due to start on March 20 postponed. All-Star Games on July 19-20 canceled. From June 19 started, no spectators. From July 10, spectators allowed.

KBO League in South Korea: Preseason from March 14-24 canceled. Regular season due to start on March 28, postponed. Preseason on April 21 restarted. Season on May 5 started.

Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan due to start on March 14 postponed. From April 12 restarted, no spectators. From May 8 spectators allowed.

Mexican Baseball League due to start on April 6 postponed to Aug. 7 canceled.

Americas Olympic qualifying tournament in Arizona from March 22-26 postponed.

Final Olympic qualifying tournament in Taichung and Dou Liu, Taiwan from April 1-5 postponed to June 17-21. From March 25 postponed.

Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania from Aug. 20-30 canceled.

Women’s World Cup in Tijuana, Mexico from Sept. 11-20 postponed to Nov. 12-21.

World Baseball Classic in Taiwan, Japan, United States from March 9-23, 2021 postponed to 2023.


NBA from March 11 postponed. To restart July 30, no spectators.

WNBA due to start on May 15 postponed to July 25, no spectators.

Women’s Olympic qualifying tournament moved from Foshan, China to Belgrade, Serbia from Feb. 6-9.

Men’s Olympic qualifying tournaments in Belgrade, Serbia; Split, Croatia; Kaunas, Lithuania; and Victoria, British Columbia from June 23-28 postponed to June 22-July 4 2021.

Asia Cup qualifiers: Philippines vs. Thailand on Feb. 20; Japan vs. China on Feb. 21; China vs. Malaysia on Feb. 24, postponed. Matches scheduled for Hong Kong moved to opponents’ homes. Asia Cup from Aug. 3-15, 2021 postponed to Aug. 17-29, 2021.

Afrobasket in Rwanda from Aug. 17-29, 2021 postponed to Aug. 24-Sept. 25, 2021.

EuroBasket from Sept. 2-19, 2021 postponed to Sept. 1-18, 2022.

AmeriCup postponed to Sept. 2-11, 2021.

Women’s AmeriCup postponed to June 20-27, 2021.

CBA in China from Jan. 24 suspended. From June 20 restarted, no spectators.

KBL in South Korea: All games from Feb. 25, no spectators. From Feb. 29, suspended. From March 24 canceled.

Women’s KBL in South Korea from March 1 suspended. From March 19 canceled.

Serie A in Italy: Games on March 7, no spectators. From March 8 postponed. From April 7 canceled.

NBL in Australia: From March 13, no spectators. Finals from March 17, after Game 3 of 5, canceled.

B-League in Japan from Feb. 26 postponed. From March 14 no spectators. From March 20 suspended. From March 27 canceled.

EuroLeague: Milan vs. Real Madrid in Milan on March 3; Valencia vs. Milan in Valencia on March 5. Competition from March 12 suspended. From May 25 canceled.

EuroLeague Women: Famila Schio vs. Sopron on Feb. 26; Reyer vs. Riga on Feb. 26; USK Praha vs. Famila Schio on March 11; Ekaterinburg vs. Montpellier on March 11, canceled. Competition from March 13 suspended. From May 25 canceled.

EuroCup: Brescia vs. Reyer on March 3, Monaco vs. UNICS Kazan on March 4, Darussafaka vs. Bologna on March 5, no spectators. Competition from March 13 suspended. From May 25 canceled.

EuroCup Women: Castors Braine vs. Valencia on March 12; Reyer vs. Girona on March 12, canceled. Dynamo Kursk vs. Avenida on March 12 canceled. Competition from March 13 suspended. From May 25 canceled.

Basketball Africa League due to start on March 13 delayed.

VTB United League in Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia from March 13 suspended. From May 27 canceled.

ASEAN Basketball League from March 16 suspended.


Asia Cup in Changsa, China from March 13-17 postponed to Sept. 9-13.

Olympic qualifying tournament in Bengaluru, India from March 18-22 postponed to Graz, Austria from May 26-30, 2021.

Doha Masters in Qatar from April 2-3 postponed.

Universality Olympic qualifying tournament in Budapest, Hungary from April 24-26 postponed to 2021.

Manila Masters from May 2-3 postponed to Aug. 15-16.

Chengdu Masters in China from May 30-31 postponed to Oct. 17-18.

Mexico City Masters from June 20-21 postponed.

Utsunomiya Masters in Japan from July 11-12 postponed to Oct. 3-4.

Prague Masters on Aug. 1-2 canceled.

Lausanne Masters in Switzerland on Aug. 21-22 canceled.

Los Angeles Masters on Sept. 19-20 canceled.

Nanjing Masters in China on Oct. 17-18 canceled.


Olympic test event in Zhangjiakou, China from Feb. 27-March 2 canceled.

World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic from March 5-8, no spectators.

World Cup in Kontiolahti, Finland from March 12-14, no spectators.

World Cup in Oslo, Norway from March 20-22 canceled.


World championships in Gold Coast, Australia from May 26-June 7 postponed to May 25-June 6, 2021.


Jose Carlos Ramirez vs. Viktor Postol for Ramirez’s WBC-WBO super lightweight titles in Haikou, China on Feb. 1 postponed to Fresno, California on May 9 postponed.

Asia-Oceania Olympic qualifier moved from Wuhan, China, to Amman, Jordan, from March 3-11.

Shakur Stevenson vs. Miguel Marriaga for Stevenson’s WBO featherweight title in New York on March 14, postponed.

Mairis Briedis vs. Yuniel Dorticos in World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight final in Riga, Latvia on March 21 postponed to May 16.

European Olympic qualifier in London from March 16, Day 3 of 11, canceled.

Americas Olympic qualifier in Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 26-April 3 suspended.

Artur Beterbiev vs. Fanlong Meng for Beterbiev’s WBC-IBF light heavyweight titles in Quebec City, Canada on March 28 postponed.

Geovana Peres vs. Savannah Marshall for Peres’ WBO women’s light heavyweight title in Newcastle, England on April 4 postponed to June 27.

Jamal James vs. Thomas Dulorme for interim WBA welterweight title in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 11 postponed.

David Morrell vs. Lennox Allen for interim WBA super middleweight title in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 11 postponed.

Andrew Moloney vs. Israel Gonzalez for Moloney’s WBA ‘regular’ junior bantamweight title in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 17 canceled.

Luke Campbell vs. Javier Fortuna for vacant WBC lightweight title in Oxon Hill, Maryland on April 17 postponed.

Cecilia Braekhus vs. Jessica McCaskill for Braekhus’ WBC-WBA-IBF-WBO women’s welterweight titles in Oxon Hill, Maryland on April 17 postponed.

David Benavidez vs. Roamer Alexis Angulo for Benavidez’s WBC super middleweight title in Phoenix, Arizona on April 18 postponed.

Terri Harper vs. Natasha Jones for Harper’s WBC women’s super featherweight title in Doncaster, England on April 24 postponed.

Naoya Inoue vs. John Riel Casimero for Inoue’s WBA-IBF and Casemiro’s WBO bantamweight titles in Las Vegas on April 25 postponed.

Patrick Teixeira vs. Brian Castano for Teixeira’s WBO junior middleweight title in Indio, California on April 25 postponed.

Rene Alvarado vs. Roger Gutierrez for Alvarado’s WBA ‘regular’ junior lightweight title in Indio, California on April 25 postponed.

Wanheng Menayothin vs. Marco Rementizo for Wanheng’s WBC strawweight title in Indio, California on April 25 postponed.

Felix Alvarado vs. DeeJay Kriel for Alvarado’s IBF junior flyweight title in Indio, California on April 25 postponed.

Josh Taylor vs. Apinun Khongsong for Taylor’s WBA-IBF super lightweight titles in Glasgow, Scotland on May 2 postponed.

Billy Joe Saunders vs. Canelo Alvarez for Saunders’ WBO and Alvarez’s WBA super middleweight titles in Las Vegas on May 2 postponed.

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano for Taylor’s WBC-WBA-IBF-WBO women’s lightweight titles in Manchester, England on May 2 postponed to July 4 canceled.

Dillian Whyte vs. Alexander Povetkin for interim WBC ‘regular’ heavyweight title in Manchester, England on May 2 postponed to July 4.

Claressa Shields vs. Marie-Eve Dicaire for Shield’s WBC-WBO and Dicaire’s IBF women’s super welterweight titles in Flint, Michigan on May 9 postponed.

World Cup in Cologne, Germany from June 17-20 canceled.

Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev for Joshua’s WBA-IBF-WBO heavyweight titles in London on June 20 postponed.

Jamel Herring vs. Jonathan Oquendo for Herring's WBO junior lightweight title in Las Vegas on July 2 postponed to July 14 postponed.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder for Fury’s WBC heavyweight title in Las Vegas on July 18 postponed.