(AP File Photo/Barry Cantrell)

Denny Hamlin floated the idea on Monday that if NASCAR can't provide standardized pit guns that are reliable enough for all teams to use, then maybe it ought to let Joe Gibbs Racing distribute them to other teams.

While Gibbs didn't completely say that wasn't an option, he did agree that something needs to be done.

"NASCAR has been very good about working with us, and when we come up against a problem, we've been good about working hard to solve it," Gibbs said Monday after Kyle Busch won the race at Bristol Motor Speedway. "I think we have a number of meetings this week with NASCAR, and I think we'll be working on this and hopefully working towards a solution.

Gibbs feels that NASCAR is willing to fix the problem, but added, "I think it would be hard for us to build the guns for everybody.  That would be tough.."

Hamlin said he is worried it is going to cost someone a race _ or possibly a championship.

"There’s no question, no doubt it’s going to cost somebody from making another round or something," Hamlin told NBC Sports. "NASCAR doesn’t have to answer to that. It’s the teams that have to answer to the sponsors when they don’t make the next round.’’