Team owner Rick Hendrick.  (Alex Menendez via AP)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The most anticipated race for Hendrick Motorsports this season will come within the organization: team owner Rick Hendrick vs. Daytona 500 pole winner Alex Bowman.

Winner take all - of the Corvettes!

"We've got a grudge race," the 69-year-old Hendrick said.

Let's set it up.

Someone find a drag strip in Florida.

Oh, there's just one catch.

"It's a dragstrip so I don't have much talent," Hendrick said.

"I'm still going to drag you down the racetrack," Bowman said.

Much like that old racing show "Pinks," the tagline could be, "lose the race, lose the ride."


Hendrick, who owns multiple car dealerships, claimed Bowman is ducking him.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm still making payments to him on the one I've got," Bowman said. "It would be really sad to be making payments on a car that the guy has back and you make payments to that guy."   

Bowman crew chief Greg Ives had a solution: "I'll take both of them off your hands."

OK, the team owner isn't exactly going to head-to-head with bragging rights and sports cars on the line against Bowman.

Hendrick just had fun egging on his 24-year-old driver shortly after the No. 88 Chevrolet took the pole.

Hendrick made one promise he insisted was for real: "You win a race this year and I'm going to pay your car off."

Bowman got a kick out of that deal.

Leave a race with a checkered flag, a trophy and one less bill on his 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to handle?

What does he got to lose?