Race car driver Leilani Munter. (AP Photo/Judi Bottoni)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Leilani Munter wants race fans to go green _ and try a plant-based diet.

Munter has long raced in the ARCA Series for a cause, promoting the benefits of solar power, the rainforest and animal rights. She pitched a vegan hamburger this week at Daytona that came with the usual tomato, lettuce, cheese and special sauce toppings on a bun.

Hold the beef.

Munter believed the plant-based diet would grow on even the most ardent carnivores. 

"It's the most amazing plant-based burger you're ever going to have," said Munter. "I think it's going to blow a lot of meat lovers minds."

The Impossible Burger boasts it uses 95 percent less land, 74 percent less water, and creates 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a typical beef burger. The burger is made from simple, all-natural ingredients such as wheat, coconut oil, and potatoes.

It also found a home among the chicken fingers, foot-long hot dogs and chicken wings sold inside the track's fan zone.

Just next to the food truck selling a bag of donuts for $13, the plant-based burgers were passed out at a green tent emblazoned with the slogan, "Are you strong enough?" that dared fans to try the patty.



They found a taker from a man wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat and a People Eat Tasty Animals ("PETA") T-shirt who chowed down on the burger and gave it a thumbs up.

"It takes likes meat," he said.