Bubba Wallace looks like a rising star in NASCAR. Even so, he says he's an outcast in Denny Hamlin's invitation-only games.

Wallace, coming off a second-place finish at last week's Daytona 500, said Friday his war of words with Hamlin has led to his exclusion from Hamlin's golf league, which includes a few other NASCAR drivers. Wallace added "I removed myself" from Hamlin's basketball league.

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Wallace said he didn't get a direct notification from Hamlin regarding his removal from the golf league. "I didn't get the direct text," Wallace said. "It went through like five or six people so that's classy, I guess."

Wallace smiled as he provided the details during practice for Sunday's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, but it's clear the relationship between the drivers is frosty. Wallace said he texted Hamlin and received no reply. "No. I'm probably not going to," he said.

The problems between the two began when Wallace objected to what Hamlin said was intended to be a joke when he claimed 70 percent of NASCAR drivers take the prescription drug Adderall to help with concentration.

After Wallace became the first black driver in the Daytona 500 field since 1969, he said Hamlin "might need to take some Adderall."

Hamlin, meanwhile, said he received a cut tire from late-race contact with Wallace's car. Immediately after his post-race interview, Hamlin encountered Wallace outside the Daytona media center and the two had a brief but heated exchange.

"I removed myself from the basketball league, just after the conversation we had that day," Wallace said. "I was like whatever, I guess I'm not coming back. That's OK."