The ballyhooed return of bumping at Indianapolis Motor Speedway  nearly came with a steep price for track president Doug Boles, the stepfather of Conor Daly.

Daly qualified for the race three times, was bumped out twice and finally put it on the grid for good on the fifth-to-last qualifying attempt with an average of 224.874 for No. 32.

Boles and his wife stood on pit lane as Daly made two runs in the final hour, and Boles, who was one of the biggest proponents of bumping, said there was no consideration for expanding the field.

Not even for a family member.

“I was so firm in that, that it could have been a problem in my home because my stepson is Conor, right?” he said. “And for a while there it looked like Conor was going to be one of those two sitting (on the) outside, and I knew at some point tonight I might have to go home to my wife and explain, ‘Sorry, 33 is an important number.’”