Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was in on the April Fool's joke pulled off on social media by longtime girlfriend and fellow NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. 
Well, at least he knew about it in advance. 
Stenhouse said Saturday at Texas that he was in the woods after Martinsville practice on April Fool's Day last weekend when Patrick said she had an idea for something she wanted to send on social media.
Patrick intimated in a post that she and Stenhouse had gotten engaged. A picture of the couple kissing, with her wearing what looked like a big engagement ring, was captioned, "Well...."
It wasn't until early Sunday that Patrick again used social media to poke fun at those who believed the post. 
Stenhouse said he was on lengthy phone conversation last Saturday when his phone kept buzzing. 
"I wasn't real sure why it kept going off and I forgot that she had sent that out," he said. "Then I realized real quick what it was all about. It was funny."
Stenhouse laughed again when asked Saturday if there is any pressure to actually move in that direction. 
"I wouldn't say there's a ton of pressure," he said. "But I get it from fans a lot."