Robby Gordon has raced everything, it seems _ from Baja California to IndyCar to Dakar and NASCAR.
And the off-road ace was pretty darn good on NASCAR's road courses. Along with Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch, Robby Gordon is the only other Cup driver to win at both Watkins Glen International and Sonoma in the same season (2003).
He was back at The Glen on the weekend and won again on Saturday in the rain, topping the field in his Stadium Super Truck series. He was all smiles in victory lane after rolling down pit road on two wheels.
"It's cool that we get to come to Watkins Glen," said Gordon, who also has brought the series to Long Beach, St. Petersburg and Detroit. "I think we showed that Stadium Super Trucks can put on a good show on road courses. The track conditions made it difficult. The racing was good. It was a lot of fun. At least everybody's got an idea of what we do."
Gordon, who finished second on Sunday, said he had to make one alteration to the course after one truck soared 285 feet over one jump in practice.
"I can't bring that jump back because we might hit the bridge (that spans the track)," he said.
The series was at Watkins Glen International because Gordon had lost an event in Australia. That nation's governing body of motorsports indefinitely banned Gordon from racing after he performed some tire-screeching spins in June in downtown Darwin. Gordon can't race there again until the ban is lifted.
The series fields pickup trucks with fiberglass bodies, 35-inch tires, and 620-horsepower Chevy engines under the hood.