Wendell Scott is back on the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

In sticker form.

The groundbreaking driver's first career start was commemorated with a sticker that adorned the cars and trucks in all three series racing at Atlanta this weekend.

Scott made his NASCAR Grand National debut on March 4, 1961 at Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds, a half-mile dirt track in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He finished next-to-last in the 18-car field.

Scott was the first African-American to compete in NASCAR's top series, and he went on to become the first black driver to win a race in 1964 at Jacksonville, Florida.

"Talk about a guy who earned it the hard way," Cup driver Chase Elliott said. "I heard some stories about him over the years, working on his own cars, hauling stuff to the race track with just nothing _ I have a lot of respect for that. A hard work ethic is something that should be valued."

Scott died in 1990. Two years ago, he was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.