(AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Seven-time Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson Tweeted a quote from Babe Ruth earlier this week that read: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

It turns out it was Johnson’s post was in response to some of the recent negativity he has received on social media.

“I’ve had a fun approach in the past of finding trolls and singling them out and having fun with that,” Johnson said Friday. “But I was like,‘Man, there is enough (darn) negativity in the world. I’m going to take a little shift on it.’”

So Johnson said he has been Googling inspirational quotes to reflect where he’s at in his life while battling through some difficult times.

Johnson has gone 30 Cup Series races without a win.

“I think that’s been a more mature approach in a sense,” Johnson said.

But Johnson isn’t guaranteeing his positivity will stick around forever.

"I’ve seen a couple recently that I drafted and worked on and saved where I was going to go back to my old ways _ and I’m not saying that I won’t. If I have enough drinks on the flight home, I might," Johnson said before qualifying Friday. "But, I’ve just been trying to project positive vibes instead of falling into that trap of negativity."

Johnson said his struggles are an overreaction by fans, media and "especially all the kind and wonderful people on social media and the things that they have to say.

"But, that’s just kind of why I’ve also mentioned people underestimate how tough this garage area is. And many of the people that are so kind on social media aren’t a pro at anything and don’t understand what it takes to exist at that pro level, and it’s tough. It’s small increments from good to great. And right now, we’ve just been in that good category. We need to be great. We want to be great. Most of it is fair, but some of it is unfair.”